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Four Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Efficiency
Do you believe you have to implement major changes to improve efficiency in your warehouse? As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. Attention to seemingly minor steps will pay huge dividends in the bottom line. These warehouse management ... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Hiring Seasonal Staff? Find Out What the Feds Say You Should Know
Hiring seasonal staff is beneficial to your business and helps many people by providing them some extra money for holiday expenses or vacations. To avoid problems and ensure the hiring and utilization of your seasonal workforce goes smoothly, keep... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Highlighting the Lindbergh Aircraft Tug For Towing Small Aircraft
Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Anyone who works with small aircraft knows that towing and moving planes can be difficult and taxing without the right equipment. The Lindbergh Aircraft Tug uses advanced technology to produce a simple, one-person solution w... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Three Tips to Keeping Your Warehouse Staff Cool in Summer?s Heat
Heat is a good thing when you’re lying on a beach near some refreshing water, but not so much when you’re working indoors in scorching summer temperatures. With doors frequently opening and closing, relying strictly on air conditioning can be a lo... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Highlighting the Parts Caddy
The daily grind of warehouse work includes a ton of small tasks adding up. A worker may only handle small boxes and items, but the load accrues quickly. The result: heavy carts to push around, with the wrists, shoulders, and lower back feeling the... [from DJ Products » Blog]
What?s Your Warehouse?s Lean Strategy?
Lean strategy may sound like a buzzword for startups, but it?s also a time-tested principle of good warehouse management. If you want to shave off time and streamline processes, you need more than good intentions. You need a strategy that examines... [from DJ Products » Blog]
Powered Boat Dolly:TrailerCaddy
DJ Products, Inc. of Minneapolis, the worlds leader in walk-behind battery powered tugs and powered boat dollies, has introduced a new powered boat dolly for pushing and pulling large boat trailers. The TrailerCaddy powered boat dolly can easily m... [from DJ Products » Blog]
New small electric aircraft tug pulls up to 35,000 lbs.
DJ Products, Inc. is the world?s leader in providing battery-powered carts and a cart tug to the manufacturing, hospital, retail and aircraft industries.  They provide solutions that eliminate the strains and pains associated with manually pushing... [from DJ Products » Blog]
New Motorized Dump Hopper eliminates strains and pains from transporting heav...
DJ Products, Inc. of Minneapolis has introduced a motorized dump hopper that disposes your trash and debris in your facility. The Motorized Dump Hopper eliminates the manual pushing of heavy trash containers and increases the efficiency of the dis... [from DJ Products » Blog]
New CartCaddyHD Chain Drive Cart Mover pulls and pushes loads up to 50,000 lbs.
DJProducts, Inc. is the world leader in providing battery-powered carts and cart movers to the manufacturing, hospital, and retail industries.  They provide solutions that eliminate the pains and strains associated with manually pushing heavy cart... [from DJ Products » Blog]
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Manufactures of a motorized cart & powered cart mover

Manufacturers of a power mover and trailer mover that eliminates the pain and strain of manually pulling and pushing a heavy cart and wheeled equipment and are also less costly, smaller, and more maneuverable than traditional powered equipment used for moving carts and equipment, like fork trucks, walkies, or a riding tug.

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Motorized Cart PusherCommon power mover applications include:

• pulling heavy window, glass, & door carts with a cart mover
• maneuvering linen carts in a hospital with an electric tugger
• pushing buses, trailers, or cars down an assembly line
• moving parts and input materials to manufacturing cells

  using a powered mover


Please select an industry:

Industrial Power Mover   Motorized Hospital and Hospitality Cart Pusher
An electric power mover and a powered cart mover that eliminate the strain of manually pulling heavy product, parts carts, and wheeled equipment, or eliminate bulky, expensive lift trucks.

Carts that move linen and food carts throughout a hospital. The electric cart tugger moves around supply rooms and retail environments, and the powered cart delivers heavy paper and mail sacks in office settings.

Shopping Cart Retriever   Car, Truck, Bus, and Vehicle Pusher
A shopping cart retriever, puller and pusher that saves retailers manual labor dollars and employee injuries for the task of gathering and recycling shopping carts.   If you're pushing or pulling stalled trucks, cars, buses, vehicles, or trailers off an interstate or at a car or RV dealership, using a motorized car or truck pusher or trailer mover makes it easier than ever.
A motorized powered cart eliminates strains and pains from pushing heavy carts, such as dirty
linens or cleaning supplies, in hospitals, hotels, resorts, and casinos.

Plus, retrofit your existing carts with a powered cart kit
A dumpster mover pulls heavy trash, recycling containers and dumpsters, from underground parking lots. The waste container puller can push or pull heavy dumpsters over asphalt or through snow and ice.
aircraft-tug helicopter-tug

We provide a walk behind tug designed for one person to safely and easily maneuver aircraft and helicopters in tightly stacked hangars or staging on a ramp. The aircraft tug can easily push and pull iairplanes up to 35,000 lbs in a hangar, airport, or FBO. The helicopter tug will push, pull and tow helicopters up to 15,000 lbs for ground handling towing applications.

DJ Products specializes in solving ergonomic material handling applications with battery powered walk-behind tug and tugger solutions that eliminate the strain of manually pulling and pushing heavy carts and wheeled equipment. Our powered cart solutions include our cart mover, power mover, motorized carts, electric trailer movers, power trailer mover, motorized trailer mover, tugger, cart tug, motorized cart mover, and stalled car pusher.

We have a motorized cart tug, electric trailer mover, cart pushers and powered cart tugger solution that, with some minor configurations, can be adapted for almost every heavy cart pushing or pulling application.  All our products are designed with maneuverability, ergonomics, affordability, and productivity in mind.